Crossing the Breydon Water, Broads Authority

Before setting out … Don’t just set out after breakfast – think ahead and plan your journey. If in doubt, call Great Yarmouth Yacht Station on 01493 842794 or Broads Radio Control on 01603 756056. Check the weather and visibility before setting out across Breydon – don’t travel if there is poor visibility or strong winds.

Check the tide tables or BROADCASTER visitor magazine for tidal information – always plan to depart or arrive at Great Yarmouth bridges at slack water (one hour after low water at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station). Tide will be less of a hazard and you will have maximum clearance under the bridges. This is also the best time to see wading birds.

If you are asked to help anyone in trouble, ask for expert help, don’t try to assist yourself. (See telephone numbers on back of leaflet.) Be considerate, and to avoid committing an offence reduce your speed and wash when
overtaking other boats. Remember there are strict speed limits when you enter the Rivers Bure, Waveney and Yare.

Go boating … safely
• Always wear a life-jacket – it could save your life. It’s easier to rescue a person wearing a life-jacket and much safer for the rescuer.
• Keep an eye on everyone on board.
• Keep everyone inside the boat or cockpit when crossing Breydon.
• Keep a good lookout – including behind you.
• Give moored boats, small boats and anglers plenty of space when you pass.
• Boats don’t have brakes – they take time to slow down and stop so think ahead.
• Mind your head! – Keep everyone inside whilst going under bridges.
• Always approach your mooring against the tide or current.
• We advise you not to drink and drive on the water – you’re more likely to trip, slip and fall – and if you fall overboard when intoxicated it can be more difficult to swim.
• Keep the boat shipshape – trailing ropes can trip or tangle and sometimes get caught around the propeller.

This information was provided by the Norfolk Broads Authority

Further information, Byelaws and Better Boating DVD
available from the Broads Authority,
Dragonfly House, 2 Gilders Way, Norwich NR3 1UB
tel 01603 610734 fax 01603 756069

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