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Boating on the Norfolk Broads
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Boating and Moorings

Welcome to the Boating and Mooring section, this area is dedicated to boating on the Norfolk Broads and we have covered all aspects of your holidays. With sections on free moorings, boat yard facilities and also including journey times for plotting routes and tide timetables to enable smooth travel around the Norfolk Broads.

Please note our sections on bridges to help navigate all bridges around the Norfolk Broads also including heights and times for travel. Bookmark this page and keep checking back for more information, this section is updated on a weekly basis.

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Moorings around the broads

Moorings around the Broads

With our interactive Google Map you can view all of the moorings on the Norfolk Broads. We pinpoint all FREE Norfolk Broads Authority 24 Hours Moorings and alternative pubs and council overnight moorings.

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Boat Yard Facilities

Boat Yard Facilities

This section of the website shows all boat yards and facilities on the Norfolk Broads. Please contact the boat yards for further information but this list will give you a breakdown of boat yards by location.

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Journey Times

Journey Times

When out on your holiday it's very handy to know just how long a journey will take you between locations. With this Journey time table you can quickly work out how far/long your journey will be.

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Understanding the Tides

This section helps you understand tides and the effects on your journey/Mooring up and sunset and sunrise details. This will give you invaluable information about locations on the Broads.

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Navigating Bridges

Information about bridges on the Norfolk Broads with a summary of heights and locations and information on Bridge Pilots if required. Also some very useful tips for navigation.

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Boat Handling Video Guides

The Broads Authority have produced a series of videos, covering an overview of the Norfolk Broads as a boating holiday destination, through to detailed instruction and guidance on boat handling.

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