Top Tips for Hassle Free Car Journeys

At last - the school holidays are here! You've booked your beak with Herbert woods and packed your suitcases - you can check our two packing guides to ensure you don't leave anything behind:

What to bring on your boating holiday

What to bring on your cottage holiday

All you need to do now is hit the road and hope you're not bombarded with the cries of "Are we nearly there yet?" So we would like to share with you some of our favourite tips for travelling with kids - but please do let us know if you have others that we can add to the list!

Car Journeys

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Go go gadgets:

Portable DVD players or tablets are ideal, as are MP3 players and iPods, ideally with headphones so parents don't have to listen to Peppa Pig or Frozen on a loop. However, some kids get travel sick watching films - so here are some ideas for non-screen activities.


You can make up a list if items to see on the journey, from an Eddie Stobart lorry to a phone box (increasingly rare these days!), and tick them off when spotted.

Car Cricket:

You can change the rules but for us, a car is one run, a 4x4 is four runs, bigger than a 4x4 is six runs, but a red vehicle is `out'!

Car Snooker:

The first person to spot a red car gets a point, then needs to spot yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. 

Car Sickness:

Your GP/pharmacist may suggest medicines kids can safely take if it's a regular problem, but the trick is to keep focusing on things outside the car, rather than a book or screen ... and lots of cool, fresh air. Some folk recommend ginger snap biscuits, as ginger can be a natural remedy to nausea.

Play the game:

Download travel games before you set off. Many websites offer free games and quizzes to print out before the journey such as and

Shuffle the pack:

Pack the car before you put children inside - and allow them enough room.

Make sure nothing can fly loose while driving. Keep a special plastic bag available for rubbish.


Keep essential items easily accessible - wet wipes, small tissue packs, bottles of water or mini containers of juice (or large bottles with plastic cups) and pens and paper for games.

Shady Characters:

Removable window shades protect children from the sun and glare.


Provide children with their own small travel bags and encourage them to fill them with their own choices of games, toys and diversions.

Hang on:

Toys for younger children can be tries to their seats so you don't constantly have to retrieve them from the floor.

Take a break:

Stop every two or three hours to let children stretch their legs. pack a ball or 'frisbee' for a quick activity. If your journey includes motorways, you can find out more about service stations (such as whether they have children's playgrounds) on

of course, once you're in Norfolk, we don't have motorways but you can find plenty of places to take a break. 

Map it out:

Give older children maps with locations to check off as they reached and let them feel they are helping to navigate. Or make a "map" for younger children with highlights to look out for - this will help them visualise how far there is to go.

Make a meal of it:

Why not stop for a picnic along the way? Pack a few snacks, sandwiches, crisps, drinks and fruit and find a scenic spot away from the busy roads to have a picnic. 

See the Scenery:

Perhaps you could plan a scenic route instead of the most direct route. This may help avoid long holiday tailbacks on popular routes - and you may well discover some pretty little villages and beautiful scenery along the way. We're lucky to be in the middle of such a beautiful county, so take a look at the Herbert Woods website for ideas.


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