Daily Checks

Engine Oil Level

Top up as required from spare oil on board.

Engine Coolant

Top up with fresh water from the tap. (DO NOT REMOVE PRESSURE CAP WHEN THE ENGINE IS HOT)


You will leave the boatyard with a full tank of fuel, normally enough for a two-week cruise. The value of any unused fuel from your fuel deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your holiday.

In the event that a re-fuel is necessary proceed to the nearest boat yard for assistance.  Please make sure that fuel is put in the fuel tank, not the freshwater tank.  Similarly, ensure that water is not accidentally put in the fuel tank.  All deck fittings are clearly labelled.

Oil Pressure

If a gauge is fitted, and your oil pressure shows ‘zero’ at normal cruising speed, stop immediately and check your oil level.  If the dipstick level is okay and the gauge still reads ‘zero’ seek assistance from the boatyard.  Many boats have an alarm/warning light, which may come on when the engine is being started.  This should stop once it is running, if not, stop the engine and contact the boatyard.

Cooling System

Most engines are water cooled by a pump, which draws water from the river, circulates it through the engine and then discharges it through the exhaust.  Having started the engine, and periodically when cruising, check that water is being ejected from the exhaust.  If not, stop immediately as the engine may overheat and possibly seize.  If no water is being ejected, check the weed strainer on the cooling water inlet which can get blocked.  You will be advised of the best procedure for cleaning the filter on your handover.

Clearing your propeller

Occasionally weed may collect around the propeller, slowing the boat. To clear it, put the gear lever into neutral, then into reverse for a few seconds and then ahead for a few seconds.  Repeat this several times. If this fails, call the boatyard for advice or assistance.   If something more substantial, such as a mooring rope, has become wrapped around the propeller, call the boatyard for assistance.  Do not attempt to continue as this can result in serious damage to the engine. NEVER enter the water yourself in an attempt to clear any obstruction.