Herbert Woods, Charting a Greener Course for the Norfolk Broads

Nestled within the serene landscapes of the Norfolk Broads, Herbert Woods is more than just a name; it’s a symbol of our devotion to the region’s natural splendour.

We see the Broads not just as a destination, but as a legacy—a treasure that must shine just as brightly for our children and theirs. To ensure this, we’re looking at the bigger picture and making choices today for a healthier tomorrow. Our shift to eco-friendly fuels, our embrace of solar energy, and our preference for nature-loving cleaning products are just a few steps in our journey.

At Herbert Woods, every green action we take is a declaration of our dedication—a promise that we’re wholeheartedly striving for a greener, cleaner future.

All Our Boat Are Powered By Eco Fuels

Herbert Woods has adopted GTL Eco Fuel, a cleaner alternative to diesel, derived from natural gas. This fuel, free from common impurities like sulphur and aromatics, offers environmental advantages like reduced emissions. After successful testing, we have introduced GTL across their holiday fleet, championing sustainable boating on the Norfolk Broads​.

So far since introducing we have saved over two hundred tons of C02, which is the equivalent for planting over 10,000 trees!

Lighting Up the Fairmile Building with Green Energy

Herbert Woods has taken a significant leap towards sustainability. With the installation of a comprehensive array of solar panels atop the Fairmile building, we are now proudly meeting the majority of our electrical needs through solar energy. This initiative not only underlines our commitment to eco-friendly practices but also positions us at the forefront of green innovations in the industry. As the sun shines over the Norfolk Broads, it’s also powering our future, one solar cell at a time.

Embracing the Digital Age and Pioneering a Paperless Pathway

Herbert Woods is embracing a paperless future. From reducing our office printing to investing in advanced systems that streamline engineering paperwork, we’re committed to minimising our paper consumption. Additionally, by transitioning our brochure to a digital format, we’re further reducing our environmental footprint. Through these measures, Herbert Woods continues to lead by example, championing sustainability and striving for a truly paperless environment.

Cleaner Choices for Embracing Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We are taking another step towards a greener future. Recognising the importance of environmental stewardship, we’ve transitioned to using eco-friendly cleaning products across all our operations. These products not only ensure the cleanliness and safety of our facilities but also significantly reduce the environmental impact. By choosing solutions that are kinder to our planet, we’re reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and ensuring that our beautiful surroundings remain pristine for generations to come.


So Discover a Greener Future with Herbert Woods! 🌿 Dive into eco-friendly adventures with our Shell GTL Fuel-powered fleet, soak up the sun with our solar-powered Fairmile building, and embrace our digital, paperless evolution. Plus, enjoy pristine surroundings maintained with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Join us in charting a sustainable path on the Norfolk Broads