GTL Eco Fuel – Environmentally Friendly Fuel

GTL Eco Fuel – Pioneering an Eco-Friendly Fuel

What is GTL Eco Fuel?
GTL Eco Fuel, an alternative to diesel, is crafted from natural gas via the Fischer-Tropsch process. It involves the meticulous conversion of gas molecules into larger, uniform ones. Essentially, this gas-to-liquids technique transforms the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas, into premium liquid products typically derived from crude oil.

Why Are We Using GTL?
GTL Eco Fuel, inherently colourless and odourless (with dye added subsequently), is nearly devoid of impurities found in crude oil. After a thorough two-month evaluation using our winter fleet, we’ve seen promising results. As a result, we’re incorporating GTL Eco Fuel across our holiday fleet. The enhancements in cruiser performance and reduced emissions are evident. By leading the charge in the Norfolk Broads, we’re setting a precedent for other boat hire companies to follow, fostering a greener environment.

The Green Impact
Since our shift to GTL Eco Fuel in 2019, we’ve made a considerable positive impact on the environment. Our adoption of this fuel has led to a reduction in our CO2 footprint, equivalent to planting 10,000 trees*. This milestone reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

Key Benefits of GTL Eco Fuel:

Eco-Friendly: GTL technology, due to its uniform molecules, diminishes local emissions.
Versatile: Usable in existing diesel engines without modifications.
Pure: Lacks unwanted components like sulphur, making it eco-friendlier.
Biodegradable: More so than traditional diesel.
Performance & Safety: Offers quieter engine operations, superior cold start performance, and safer handling.

Setting New Standards:
Our mission remains clear: an eco-conscious hire fleet. Despite the added costs of this innovative fuel, we believe in investing in our planet’s future

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