Boating FAQs

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find what you are looking for please give us a call or send us a message.

  • Absolutely! A holiday gift voucher from Herbert Woods is a great way to pay for a holiday or gift a holiday to a friend or loved one. You can find out more about holiday gift voucher from Herbert Woods by clicking here

  • A fuel deposit of up to £200.00, depending on the size of the cruiser, is required in advance. Your fuel deposit is a contribution towards a full tank of fuel. In the event that you have used more than your initial paid deposit you will be required to pay the additional fuel cost. In the event that you have used less than your initial paid deposit you will receive a refund of the difference. Refunds will be processed onto the card that was used to make the booking.

    The amount of diesel you will use is dependent on the length of your holiday, the cruiser you book, how often you have the heating on and how far and fast you travel. If you are unsure it is best to contact the office on 01692 670711 and our staff will advise your further.

  • This really depends on the nature and level of disability. Boating holidays can be a magical experience for people with visual or hearing impairments and a holiday on the Broads holidays can be particularly advantageous for anyone with a mental health condition or learning difficulties. Unfortunately, our boats cannot be accessed by wheelchair however our single level cruisers maybe be suitable for people with limited mobility. If you or a member of your party have a disability we would advise you to contact our booking team on 0800 144 4472 who will be able to advise you on the most suitable boat for your holiday.

  • This will depend on the amount of passengers and which boat you have booked. It is best to check with the office prior to arrival. If you are able to bring your bikes we advise that you a bring a blanket to protect the bike and boat from each other. More about Cycling on the Broads

    You can hire bikes from the following places along the Broads.

    Broadland Cycle Hire at BeWILDerwood: 07887 480331

    Ludham Bridge Stores: 01692 631120, Mobile: 07768 108818

    Norfolk Bike Hire at Clippesby Hall: 01493 369221

    Outney Meadow Caravan Park Bungay: 01986 892338

    Sea Palling Cycle Hire: 07747 483154

    Stokesby Riverside Stores: 01493 750470

    Waveney River Centre, Burgh St Peter: 01502 67734

  • Yes you can.

    For all answers on what electronic devices can be used on board, take a look at our video.


  • Yes you can fish within the fishing season. The season runs from the 16th June through to the 14th March the following year. You will need a relevant fishing license, these can be obtained prior to your arrival either from the Environment Agency or at your local Post Office. You may fish from your cruiser as long as it is stationary. Find out more about Fishing on the Broads.

  • Yes you are welcome to have your food shop delivered to the boat yard. We advise that you have the shopping delivered after you have collected your cruiser as we do not have facilities to store it beforehand.

  • We do not advise that you swim in the rivers and Broads.

  • No, BBQ’s are not allowed to be used on board the boat under any circumstances.

  • Yes, please let us know in advance if you intend to bring a C-Pap machine so that we can ensure the boats batteries are fully charged. Please also bring an extension lead as plug sockets are not always available in the cabins.

    C-pap users are advised to book a boat with shore power.

    For all answers on what electronic devices can be used on board, take a look at our video.

  • This will depend on the type of console and the boat you have booked. It is best to check with the office on 01692 670711 prior to arrival.

    For all answers on what electronic devices can be used on board, take a look at our video.

  • Hair straighteners and curling tongs cannot be used on board our cruisers.

    For all answers on what electronic devices can be used on board, take a look at our video.

  • Yes, Pets are welcome on board the majority of our cruisers. Please check the individual boat description. There is a maximum of 2 pets allowed on board each cruiser. There is an additional non-refundable cleaning charge of £35.00 per pet payable with the balance of the holiday.

  • Yes you can. We recommend that you have this organised in advance as it can be difficult to get a taxi on the day.

  • You will be given a complimentary map on arrival, however you may purchase these in advance for £4.

  • Yes it is requirement that you have a trial/practice run. However this is tailored to your experience.

  • No. Our staff will give you a full tutorial and show you how to use the controls and safety equipment onboard and how to manoeuvre and moor the boat safely. They will also accompany you on to the main river for a practice run before you depart on your holiday. Onboard you will find a detailed Skipper’s Manual which contains all the information you might need whilst out on the water to ensure you holiday is as safe and as relaxing possible. Take a look at our Boating Guide for advice on boat handling and to download a copy of the Skipper’s Manual to read before you arrive.

  • Yes we do. All single sex and non-family groups will be required to pay a security deposit of £50.00 per berth (e.g. 4+2 berth = £300.00) 56 days prior to arrival. (Secured against the hirers debit or credit card) We reserve the right to charge an additional or increased security deposit at our discretion. If you return the boat on time, in a clean condition and without damage, loss of equipment or third party claims against you, the deposit will refunded back on to the card that was originally used to pay with.

    Where loss or damage has occurred, all or part of your security deposit may be withheld by Herbert Woods to cover the cost of loss of use of the boat, repairs, extra cleaning etc. Notwithstanding the above if you or any member of your party either fail to comply with the booking conditions or cause negligent, wilful or criminal damage you will be held fully liable for any loss incurred.

  • Yes we do supply rhond anchors for wild mooring, we supply three, two to use for mooring and the third to use as the hammer. We do not supply rubber mallets and it is advisable to bring your own from home.

  • We do not provide dog life jackets, however we do sell a selection of dog buoyancy aids in our reception.

  • Yes life jackets are supplied for all adults and children over 40kg. Children, infants and babies under this will be supplied with buoyancy aids.

  • On a 3 or 4 night short break it is best to stay on the Northern Broads. On a 7, 10, 11 and 14 night break you will be able to visit the Northern and Southern broads. Our journey times will give you a good idea of how long it will take to get from one place to another.

  • We advise that you run the engine for 4-6 hours a day to keep the batteries topped up.

  • Children over the age of 14 are able to drive the boats under strict adult supervision. Children under the age of 14 are strictly prohibited from driving our boats.

  • To speed up the check-in process we require all optional extra’s to be paid for prior to arrival. You can add these to your booking via the my account page on the website or by calling the booking office on 01692 670711.

    The following are payable on arrival.

    Week Short Break
    Pets £35 £35
    Car Parking Outside £15 £10
    Car Parking Inside £20  £15
     Rowing Dinghy

    (available Easter to end Oct subject to availability upon check-in cannot be prebooked in advance)

    £50  £40
    Sailing Dinghy

    (available Easter to end Oct subject to availability upon check-in cannot be prebooked in advance)

    £65  £50
     Single sex non family group security deposit £50 Per Berth (refundable) £50 Per Berth (refundable)
  • Yes secure parking is available on site. One outside parking space for cruisers up to 6 berth and two outside parking spaces for 6+ berths is included in the cost of your holiday. For any additional parking there is a charge of £15.00 per week and £10.00 per short break for outside parking or £20.00 per week £15.00 per short break for under cover parking. Under cover parking is available at certain times of the year, please book this in advance via the booking office on 01692 670711.

  • QR code meaning Quick Response code is another way of seeing additional online content. Take a read on how easy it is to use.

  • There is plenty to do whilst visiting the Norfolk Broads including visiting one of the many nature reserves, cycling, walking, or a visit to one of the many market towns and villages. You can sample some local fayre in the waterside pubs and restaurants, discovering the historic past of Great Yarmouth or Norwich, take a trip to the seaside or have an exhilarating day out at one of the areas with theme parks.

  • We recommend that you bring sensible foot wear with non-slip souls, a torch and at certain times of the year blankets can also be advisable. On board all out boats will be complimentary washing up liquid, 1 x toilet roll per toilet, 1 x hand soap per bathroom, 2 x tea towels and a kitchen sponge. What to bring.

  • Please contact us within 14 days of your holiday finishing as we are only able to store left items for this time. After 14 days items will be disposed of. Postage charge(s) may vary depending on the item(s).

  • When you arrive at the boat yard you will need your 5 digit gate access code that was sent to you with your booking confirmation. Once inside the boat yard please park in the arrivals section and make your way to reception. In reception you will be greeted by one of our friendly team. It is advisable that you have a copy of your booking confirmation with you.

  • A bow/stern thruster is a propeller built onto the boat to make it more manoeuvrable and easier to moor in tight spaces.

  • For boats up to 6 berth 1 outside car parking space is included. For 6 berth+ 2 outside car parking spaces are included. All elite cruisers include the cost of parking for up to 3 vehicles. Additional parking can be purchased at an extra charge.

    Life jackets for all crew.

    Bedding – duvet, pillows and linen (Towels are NOT provided)

    A fully equipped galley.

    Microwave (Please request at time of booking)

    Deck gear – boat hook, life belt, anchors, ropes.

    Free WIFI – for the duration of your holiday within the Herbert Woods marina only.

    Cancellation Insurance (See paragraph 8 of the terms and conditions).

    Free mooring is available at all Broads Hire Boat Federation boatyards – Subject to availability

    Please note we make no additional charge for extra persons up to the boats maximum capacity as stated in the individual boat description.

  • Shore power is an external power source that can be used to run the power on board the boat. Some of our cruiser have shore power. Please check the individual boat description to see if your boat has shore power.

    If your boat has shore power you will be supplied with a shore power lead to hook up to the electricity points. There are various Broads’ Authority shore power points along the river. To use these you will need to purchase a Broads Authority electricity card. Information on where the charging point are and where you can purchase the cards can be found on the Broads Authority website.

  • Although the boats are insured by Herbert Woods, you (The Hirer) are primarily responsible for any damage or loss to the boat and it’s equipment or for any damage to third party property. You will be held responsible for all damaged caused by your own actions and those of other members in your party.

    The payment of a mandatory, non refundable waiver (£55 up to 6 berth and £65 for 7 berth and above) will safeguard the hirer from any liability for in the event of accidental damage to the boat, its fittings or loss of its equipment. It does not cover damage or losses caused by wilful damage or negligence on the part of the hirer and their party. The return of the boat late or in an unclean condition will incur an extra payment.

    All single sex and non family groups will be required to pay a security deposit of £50 per berth (secured against hirers credit or debit card). We reserve the right to charge an additional security deposit at our discretion. If you return the boat on time, in a clean condition and without damage, loss of equipment or third-party claim against you, the deposit will be repaid after 7 days. Where loss or damage has occurred, all or part of your security deposit may be withheld by Herbert Woods to cover the cost of loss of use of the boat, repairs, extra cleaning etc. Not withstanding the above if you or any member of your party either fail to comply with booking conditions or cause negligent, wilful or criminal damage you will be fully liable for any loss incurred.

  • Speed zones vary between 3 – 6 mph. This is marked on the banks with signs similar to road signs. All cruisers must stick to the speed limits on the Broads this is to reduce boat wash (the waves created by your boat), reduce erosion of the banks, prevent disturbance to wildlife and protect people on moored boats. Even if you are under the speed limit you may be fined for creating excessive wash.  The maximum penalty for exceeding the speed limit on the broads is £1000.

  • As with everything mechanical form time to time things may stop working properly. If you come across a fault with the boat or the boats engine please call us on the service line provided in your pack and located in your skippers manual, many problems are easily solvable over the telephone. If it is necessary that we send an Engineer out to you we will do our best to have an engineer with you within 1 hour.

  • If you are involved in a collision with another craft please make a note of the boats name, registration number, and company it is hired from. If it is a privately owned boat please obtain the owners details. Please call the office immediately (if outside of office hours please call the on-call Engineer who’s number is in the skippers manual) to report the incident. We may want to send a member of staff to assess any damage or carry out repairs. On your return to the boat yard we will ask you to complete an incident report for our insurers.

  • All powered craft must keep to the right hand side of the river, and when meeting other boats should keep to the right as they pass by. Cruisers must always give way to sailing craft and commercial craft.

  • The check in time for a short break is from 1:30pm. The check in time for weekly hire is from 2:30pm. Once your boat is ready on the day, you will receive a text message or phone call to let you know you can collect the boat and life jackets. We do endeavour to have the boats ready as early as possible, however for operational reasons this cannot be guaranteed. On occasions we may have some boats ready earlier. In this situation we are happy for you to takeover the cruiser earlier.

    Please note, the stated time is your check in time to collect your paperwork, once the boats are ready for collection we will inform you via text message/phone call.

  • What’s on board?

    Kitchen Equipment & Appliances

    We supply a fully equipped galley on board. You can see a full list of items supplied here.

    All of our cruisers have a fridge on board. It will be an under counter size fridge smaller than the one you will have at home. Although there is a freezer compartment within the fridge it is very small and it is not advisable to store frozen food for lengths of time.

    All of our boats have an oven, hob and grill on board. These are gas operated. You will be provided with enough gas for your holiday.

    Microwaves are not on board as standard but are available on request. You can do this by logging in to your account at or contacting the office on 01692 670711.

    Please note. there are no toasters on board.

    Plug Sockets

    There will be at least one 3 pin socket on board all of our cruisers. They are run on a 240 volt inverter system. The socket will normally be located in the saloon or galley and can be used to a maximum of 1400 watts.

    Bed Linen

    We supply 2 pillows and pillow cases per person, bed sheet, duvet and duvet covers. We do not supply bed linen for passengers under 2 years old. Please advise us of your bed linen requirements prior to your arrival. You can do this by logging in to your account at or contacting the office on 01692 670711.


    Customers travelling from within the UK will need to bring their own towels. Customers travelling from outside the UK can request towels prior to their arrival.


    All of our boats have heating on board. You will be shown how to use the heating on your trial run.


    All of our cruisers have a radio, cd player and at least one digital television on board. Most also have a DVD player and USB connection, please check the individual boats description to find out what entertainment is onboard your cruiser.

    Hair Dryer

    Hair Dryers are not provided however you are welcome to bring your own hairdryer but it will need to be under 1400 watts.


    You will find a mop and bucket, broom and a dustpan and brush on board.

    Coat Hangers

    There may be some coat hangers on board but if you require coat hangers it is advisable to bring your own.


    What’s not on board?


    Wi-Fi is not available on board our cruisers, however Wi-Fi is available within the boat yard. 3G and 4G signal is available along some stretches of the Broads but can be hit and miss. Many of the pubs now offer free Wi-Fi.

    Iron & Ironing Board

    Irons must not be used on our cruisers

    Vacuum Cleaner

    We do not supply vacuum cleaners on board

    High Chairs & Travel Cots

    We do not supply high chairs or travel cots. You are welcome to bring your own but please note it is unlikely a travel cot will fit on the floor space in any of the cabins so would need to be situated in the saloon area. We do have a limited amount of cot sides that can be fitted to the beds. Please request these prior to your arrival. We advise that you should not leave your child unattended while in the high chair as the boat is not stable.


  • Free mooring is available at any British Hire Boat Federation Boat Yards.

    Mooring is also available at the following Broads Authority Moorings (24 Hour Moorings) many of these are free however, a mooring fee of between £5 and £12 is payable at Acle Moorings (opposite side of river to Horizon Craft), Port of Yarmouth Marina, Yarmouth Yacht Station, Norwich Yacht station, Burgh Castle Marina, Horsey Mere, Oulton Broad, Salhouse Broad, Thurne and West Somerton.

    A number of pubs with moorings charge for their usage overnight. The amount is usually about £5 and in most cases redeemable against purchases in the pub. Please see your Privilege brochure for special offers on mooring for Herbert Woods customers.

  • There are lots of interesting places to visit on the Broads, however the length on your stay and the height of you cruiser need to be taken into consideration when planning your Norfolk Broads boating holiday. Each boat description highlights which bridges cannot be passed under and the journey times table should help to give you an idea of the distance that can be covered. For more ideas on places to go please view our boating itineraries.

  • Lathams opposite the boat yard offer some basic food items. There is a Tesco’s in Stalham 5 miles away.

  • This will depend on what boat you have chosen, how many people are on board and how often you use the toilets and showers. We advise on week’s holiday to have the tanks pumped out once. You can come back to our boat yard and we will do this free of charge. Other boat yards will charge an additional cost up to £30.

    If you are on a 10, 11, or 14 night holiday you may need a further pump out. Please retain your receipt and we will refund the cost of one pump out on your return.

  • Our cruisers pass through the majority of bridges with ease. However, this is affected by the tide and weather conditions at the time of your holiday so you will need to take this into consideration when planning your route. Click to view Tide Times.

    Charges applicable for using the Pilot Service at both the Potter Heigham and Wroxham Bridges. Please remember to contact the pilot in advance to book a slot in for passing. Please do not attempt to take the boat through these two bridges without using the Pilot Service.

    The charges will be paid by the hirer for the use of the Bridge Pilot service and must be paid via contactless payment. Herbert Woods are not liable for the charge of this service and no refunds will be made.

    Wroxham Bridge Pilot service

    The charging regime has been simplified, the hirer is required to pay the bridge pilot direct £7.50 each way, by card or contactless device.

    Potter Heigham Bridge Pilot service

    Charges apply to the customer for the use of this service.

    It is compulsory that you use the Bridge Pilot service when wanting to pass any of these bridges. Herbert Woods are not liable for the cost of this service. There is no guarantee any of our boats will pass under Potter Heigham Bridge and Herbert Woods are not liable for tide conditions or weather conditions that may affect the passing under Potter Heigham bridge.

    Contact numbers for the Pilot Service can be found in our skippers manual which is on board each boat or can be viewed online.

    Potter Heigham Bridge, Wroxham Bridge and Beccles Old Bridge are all particularly low bridges. Whilst some cruisers can pass underneath other cannot, these are clearly marked on the individual boat listing pages.  If you are unsure please read our advice on navigating bridges or contact the booking office on 01692 670711.