QR codes have made a return!

We’re so excited to announce we have introduced QR codes back to make it easier to find additional content.

They’re back, better and easier than ever! QR meaning ‘Quick Response’ codes allow smartphone users to access additional content via their smartphone and it couldn’t be any quicker! All you need to access content is scan the code you have seen in the brochure or on your screen with your camera app, or download a QR reader from the app store or play store depending on whether your device is Apple or Android. You will be directed to our website for each individual cruiser or webpage where you can find further information, prices and even make a booking from the comfort of your own smart device. It’s that easy!

If you have requested and received our new 2021 Cruiser and Cottage Holiday Brochure then you will notice it’s packed full of QR codes enabling you to extend your search and find out more information regarding that page, boat or cottage, after all, we’re forever updating our website with new and exciting things so why not scan any of the following QR codes for yourself and see what else you can find out.

Over the next few months, all of our cruisers will have their own QR codes attached to the outside of the boats so if you’re having a stroll around our site and want to find out more information about the cruiser in question then all you need to do is scan the code and you’ll be directed to our website for more information and how you can book.

Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!