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Royal Light South Walsham Broad

Boat Handling

This section contains all the information you need to ensure your boating holiday runs as smoothly as possible. Learn how to drive a boat, navigate bridges and moor up, including the locations of the free Broads Authority moorings and the boating facilities available around the Broads.

You will also find the official Broads Authority boat handling videos which explain how to moor, reverse and turn your boat, pass safely through Great Yarmouth and provide general safety and boat handling tips.

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  • herbert Woods engineer giving a boat handover

    Boat Handling Videos

    Watch the official Broads Authority videos and learn how to drive a boat, reverse and turn, moor stern on and along side, navigate bridges and pass through Great Yarmouth.

  • Tying up a boat

    Mooring on the Broads

    Find out where you can and cannot moor, learn the different types of mooring manoeuvres and how to execute them correctly and how to tie up your boat using different types of knots.

  • Wroxham Bridge

    Navigating Bridges

    Learn how to approach a bridge and use the gauge to check there is enough room to pass through, prepare you boat to pass through a bridge and which bridges require extra care.

  • Breydon Water at high tide

    Crossing Breydon Water

    Breydon Water links the Northern and Southern Broads. This large expanse of water is tidal and can suffer from strong currents, learn what you need to consider before crossing and how to cross safely.

  • Engineer performing a pump out

    Marina Facilities

    Find out the facilities that are available to boaters at each boat yard and marina on the Broads, sorted by river.

  • Skippers Hat

    Skippers Manual

    View a pdf of our Skippers Manual which contains a host of information including boat safety, boat etiquette and boat handling and more.