What bridges can I go under?

Bridges Heights Headroom (at bridge centre) are taken at an average water point

Your Boat’s Bridge Clearance is listed in the Boat Information tab

Acle – 3.66m

Beccles Road Old – 1.98m

Beccles Bypass New – 3.66m

Breydon Fixed Span – 3.96m

Breydon Road Lifting – 3.51m

Haddiscoe New Cut – 7.32m

Norwich Jarrolds Bridge – 3.63m

Norwich Lady Julian – 3.96m

Lowestoft Harbour – 2.16m

Ludham – 2.59m

Norwich Carrow – 4.27m

Norwich Foundry – 3.05m

Norwich Novi Sad – 4.88m

Norwich Trowse – 2.74m

Norwich Bishop’s Bridge – 3.2m

Postwick Viaduct – 10.67m

Potter Heigham New – 2.31m

Potter Heigham Old – 1.98m

Oulton Broad, Lake Lothing – 4.57m

Oulton Broad Mutford – 2.39m

Reedham – 3.05m

St Olaves – 2.44m

Somerleyton – 2.59m

Thorpe Rail (each) – 1.83m

Wayford – 2.13m

Wroxham Rail – 4.57m

Wroxham Road – 2.21m

Yarmouth Haven – 2.90m

Yarmouth Acle Road – 2.13m

Yarmouth Vauxhall – 2.06m

The following video will explain how to navigate the bridges on the Broads