Boat Handling Videos

The Broads Authority have produced a series of Videos, covering and overview of the Norfolk Broads as a boating holiday destination, through to detailed instruction and guidance on boat handling.

Introduction to the Broads and Boating Holidays

General introduction to the Broads and boating holidays, including some traffic aerial video photography of the wonderful place which is the Broads

1. 'Introduction to the Broads' video


Introduction to Typical Hire Cruisers, Life Jackets and Footwear

Introduction to typical hire cruisers, lifejackets and footwear dos and don'ts, and a demonstration of boat controls.

2. 'Safety Basics' video


Basic Boat Handling

Basic Boat handling instruction including other river users you may encounter on your holiday, such as yachts, water skies and even power boat racing.

3. 'Boating Basics' video


Do's and Don'ts on the River

Meet our head Navigation Ranger who informs you of the dos and don'ts on the river. Things to consider when passage planning which will all help you have an enjoyable and safe holiday.

4. 'Do's and Don'ts on the River' video


Reversing Your Boat and Turning Around

How to reverse your boat and turning your boat around.

5. 'Reversing and Turning' video


How to Moor Alongside

How to moor alongside safely.

6. 'Moor Alongside' video


Securing Your Boat

How to secure your boat safely at moorings, rond anchors, mud weights, and basic knots.

7. 'Mooring and Securing your Boat' video


How to Moor Stern On

How to more up stern on safely and efficiently.

8. 'Mooring Stern on' video


Greener Boating and the Environment

Meet Andrea Kelly, Conservation Officer for the Broads Authority, and learn about the area's wildlife, and how to care for the environment. Also sailing hire boats and advice on where to find safe moorings.

9. 'Greener Boating and the Environment' video


Passing Safely Under Bridges

Passing safely under bridges, bridge pilots, procedures and how to use gauge boards

10. 'Bridges' video


Passing through Great Yarmouth and Tidal Navigation

How to pass safely through Great Yarmouth, high and low water, navigational signs and markers in the area, passage planning, and mooring against the tide.

11. 'Passing Through Great Yarmouth and Breydon Bridges' video


Rules of the River

General rules of the river to ensure your safety and pleasure on the Broads.

12. 'Rules of the River' video

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