Understanding the Tides


Tides and Tide Tables

The Broads rivers are tidal and the tide rises and falls twice approximately every 25 hours. Generally the outgoing tide (the ebb) lasts longer than the incoming tide (the flood).

At Great Yarmouth, where the Broads flow out the sea, the tidal effect is most noticeable and the rise and fall can be up to 2 metres. Tidal streams near Great Yarmouth can run at around 4mph but as you go further up river the tides are less noticeable.

To Calculate Low Water throughout the Broads

It is easy to work out low water at other places – simply add the hours given below to the times of low water at Great Yarmouth Yacht station listed in the tide table. 

Click here to view 2018 Tide Table  Please Note. The times are 'clock times' and have been adjusted for BST.

Acle 2.5hrs/ Wroxham 3.5hrs/ Beccles 3hrs/ Reedham 1.5hrs/ Brundall 3hrs/ St Olaves 1.5hrs/ Horning 3hrs/ Oulton Broad 3hrs/ Loddon 2.5hrs/ Potter Heigham 3hrs/ Ludham Bridge 3hrs/ Stalham 4hrs/ Norwich 3.5hrs

The times shown are approximate - tides are affected by weather and wind conditions. Cruising after dark is forbidden. You must plan your journey so as to be moored one hour before sunset. It saves time and fuel and makes less wash to go with the tide, not against it.


Areas requiring Extra Care - Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth is the point where the Broads Rivers reach the sea. Here the current is at its strongest and the rise and fall of the tide greatest. Being the largest seaside resort on the Broads, it is a very busy stopping place, as well as being crossroads and so extra care must be taken.

Study your tide table and the river distance using this section and plan your arrival in Great Yarmouth to coincide with low slack water. If the weather is windy, telephone the Yacht Station (01493 842794) and ask for the time of low slack water as it can be significantly affected by the wind.

If you are going to stop at Great Yarmouth you should plan your arrival for any time between low slack water and two hours later. Remember the rise and fall of the tide is particularly noticeable at Great Yarmouth. When mooring up, remember to make allowance for this with the ropes if leaving your boat for any length of time or if you are staying the night at the moorings.


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