Love the Broads

It’s simple to help preserve the Broads for years to come! Just Click the donate button to help make sure the Broads is beautiful for generations to come…

Herbert Woods is Proud to Support Love The Broads!

At Herbert Woods, we are deeply committed to the preservation and protection of the Norfolk Broads, a cherished natural treasure that holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. That’s why we are proud supporters of Love the Broads, an initiative dedicated to conserving this unique wetland landscape for generations to come.

Love the Broads is a visitor donation scheme for the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, encouraging small contributions to raise funds for the development of the Norfolk broads. These donations fund vital conservation projects that protect the area’s unique environment, wildlife, and support local communities.

Since 2013 over £100,000 has been raised which has supported 54 amazing projects.  You can learn more about them all of them here!

So far, visitors’ kind donations have supported projects which will help to increase the barn owl population, to improve a circular footpath around a nature reserve and provide new cycle route signage in quiet Broads’ lanes. For full details see

Herbert Woods have been involved with sponsoring several projects. These include:

  • How Hill – leaflet showcasing their Secret Garden
  • NWT – Hickling and Ranworth Broads – buoyancy aids and education materials for children
  • Boundary Farm – part funded visitor moorings
  • Wherry Maud – audio visual displays to promote the work of the wherry

How can I take part and donate?

If you would like to donate via the website
Simply head over to the link below and donate the amount you feel comfortable with.

Click Here To Donate Today!

Or, if you are making a holiday booking with us you’ll be able to add an extra for ‘Love the Broads donation’ of £2. Simply add the extra online or speak with a member of our team on 0800 144 4472