Love the Broads

We are very pleased to announce that we are now part of the Love the Broads scheme.

Love the Broads is the Visitor Giving scheme for the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. It aims to encourage visitors to care for the unique environment of the Broads by making a small voluntary donation. Just £1 from every visitor could generate as much as 7 million pounds a year, so every small donation is a big help. The money received goes towards a range of projects that are vital for the conservation of the area. These projects will help ensure a sustainable future for the Broads and help protect wildlife and benefit our visitors and local communities.

So far, visitors’ kind donations have supported projects which will help to increase the barn owl population, to improve a circular footpath around a nature reserve and provide new cycle route signage in quiet Broads’ lanes. For full details see

Since 2013 over £45,000 has been raised which has helped to provide grants to 35 projects to help wildlife, the environment and education on the Broads

Herbert Woods have generously been involved with sponsoring several projects. These include:

  • How Hill – leaflet showcasing their Secret Garden
  • NWT – Hickling and Ranworth Broads – buoyancy aids and education materials for children
  • Boundary Farm – part funded visitor moorings
  • Wherry Maud – audio visual displays to promote the work of the wherry


How does it work?

Money is collected by the Broads Trust in a variety of ways and given to projects that will look after the beautiful landscapes and environment of the Broads. With your help, we work alongside local businesses and community groups to improve sustainable practices, and to make sure that the money raised goes to the places that need it most – so that the Broads National Park remains amazing and beautiful to visit.

What does your donation mean to the Broads?

We know that our unique Broads wetlands, their wonderful wildlife and around 125  miles of waterways draw millions of visitors every year, but those visitors also impact on the environment and facilities upon which tourism businesses rely.

Money donated goes to the Broads Trust, a registered charity established in 2008, which makes grants to projects which benefit conservation, environment and tourism facilities within the Broads and its immediate surroundings.

What difference does a scheme like Love the Broads make?

The Love the Broads scheme connects people with the places they love:

Through the collective power of small donations, visitors can do something extra for a place that has given them a lovely time; the tourism businesses get positive publicity and know they are helping to protect their investment; and the Broads get additional vital funding they need.

“Herbert Woods part funded the visitor moorings at Boundary Farm”. Picture – John Brunning and James Brooks at the Boundary Farm visitor moorings to recognise their support  

How can I take part and donate?

If you would like to donate via the website
Simply head over to the link below and donate the amount you feel comfortable with.

Donate Today!

Upon making a holiday booking you’ll be able to add an extra for ‘Love the Broads donation’ of £2. Simply add the extra online or speak with a member of our team on 0800 144 4472