Manage My Booking

Managing your booking couldn’t be easier. It’s so simple, you can make one off payments, update your party details, change bedding requirements, update special requests and provide us with any necessary information we may be missing.

With the my booking portal you can make any changes or amendments without having to pick up the phone. See our quick instructions below:

First, navigate to the My Booking portal on the website:

Remember to have your Booking Reference, Lead Hirer’s Surname and Holiday Start Date to hand to manage your online account.

You will be prompted for your booking details:

My Booking

Once logged in you will be prompted with four sections:

Your Details

Update my details section enables you to update Address details, Contact information and Marketing Preferences.

Booking Details

This section outlines your booking details, your Cruiser/Cottage information and holiday Start and End dates. Allow you to provide expected Arrival Times and Update your Bed Configuration.

Party Details

This section enables you to update all party details, this section needs to be completed before your holiday.

Balance and Payments

This section allows you to make payments against your holiday at any point, also provides information concerning ‘Amounts Paid’ and ‘Balance Outstanding’, also confirms Balance Due Date.

However, remember if at any time you experience any problems or have any questions please contact us via the Telephone, LIVE Chat, Social Media or Email. We look forward to seeing you soon!