Discover Winter's Charm

Winter on the Norfolk Broads unfolds a serene, almost ethereal, landscape that offers a unique boating holiday experience. While summer brings in a lively, bustling atmosphere, winter is when the Norfolk Broads reveal a quieter, more tranquil side. Here’s a glimpse into what makes winter boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads an enchanting getaway.

1. Quiet Waterways and Easy Mooring: Once the summer crowds have dispersed, the waterways of the Norfolk Broads become significantly quieter. This peacefulness provides a stark contrast to the bustling summer months, offering boaters an entirely different experience. With fewer boats on the water, finding a mooring spot is much easier, even at the most popular locations.

2. Wildlife Wonders: Winter is a special time for wildlife on the Broads. Many birds migrate to this region during the winter, making it an excellent season for bird-watching enthusiasts. Moreover, the pike fishing season is in full swing, appealing to those who enjoy angling.

3. Cozy Boats: During the Winter we operate a reduced fleet of winter boats during November and February. These boats come equipped with excellent warm air heating systems ensuring a cozy environment on board making cruising the peaceful waterways a warm and comfortable experience.

4. Exploring the Broads: With over 150 miles of footpaths, the Broads offer plenty of walking routes, many of which are circular and easily accessible from moorings. Winter is also a great time for photography enthusiasts to capture the tranquil and scenic beauty of the Broads. The reduced crowds and calm atmosphere provide a perfect setting for capturing stunning photographs of the landscape.

5. Attractions and Amenities: Many of the local museums, attractions, and riverside pubs remain open during the winter. A visit to a riverside pub with a roaring fire can be a delightful way to warm up and enjoy a meal amid the chilly weather.

6. Budget-Friendly: Winter boating holidays are generally more budget-friendly. Boats are cheaper to hire during the winter months, and we offers a 20% Winter Holiday discount, making it an economical choice for budget-conscious travellers.

A winter boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads is not just about navigating the waters; it’s about immersing oneself in a tranquil, yet adventurous milieu. So, if you’re seeking a unique holiday experience, the calm and serene waterways of the Norfolk Broads in winter are waiting to be explored.

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