Herbert Woods Takes a Green Step with New Solar-Powered Energy

Herbert Woods, a leading provider of boating services in Norfolk, proudly announces its commitment to sustainability with the installation of 121 solar panels on its office roof, creating up to 5000 watts of power. This bold environmental leap is helping the company reduce its carbon footprint and promote clean energy practices in the boating industry.

As a company that’s dedicated to providing safe and eco-friendly tourism to its customers, Herbert Woods has been working towards a greener Broads experience over the last few years. Its vessels have already moved to low emissions fuel such as GLT (gas to liquid) and HVO (Hydrotreated vegetable oil), and hybrid boats have been added to the existing fleet. This new green initiative will be able to cover most of the power required for the site and provide green energy back to the grid.

The solar panels installed by Herbert Woods have a high energy efficiency rating and are designed to maximize energy production even in low light conditions. In total, the solar panels should generate around 100,000kwh of electricity over the year, which will be used to run all the electrical needs of the site – including their offices, holiday cottages, and recharging the batteries used on board the boats.

Ryan Jones, Marketing Coordinator at Herbert Woods says, “We are so pleased with the results of our solar installation. We are already seeing amazing results and are on track to save 265 tons of C02 this year. We are committed to finding and implementing sustainable ways to reach a net zero status.”

Not only are the solar panels a much cleaner way to generate energy, but they will also deliver significant cost savings for Herbert Woods. Reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources, the money the company is able to save will be reinvested back into the business to create a better experience for all of their customers.

The green journey doesn’t end there, however. Herbert Woods is currently working towards creating a completely paperless office across all of their sites and are committed to supporting the Broads Authority in the ‘Electrifying the Broads’ programme. This programme aims to decarbonise the inland waterways of Norfolk and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by Broads hire cruisers.

Herbert Woods hopes that their contribution to a greener future will encourage other businesses to adopt similar practices and protect the beauty of the Broads.