Our Pet Policy

We totally understand when it comes to going on holiday you want to take the whole family with you, pet friendly holidays are becoming more and more popular and Herbert Woods have made the decision to go completely pet friendly across their fleet of Cruisers and selected Cottages from 2021.

Pets are charged as below;

Short Breaks (3 or 4 nights) – £35.00 per pet
Week Break – £35.00 per pet
10/11 Nights – £55.00 per pet
Two Week Break – £70.00 per pet

Please familiarise yourself with our Pet Policy, please respect our policy and the boat/cottage you’re hiring.

• No pets should be on any of the furniture unless there is a suitable cover protecting the furniture provided by the hirer(s). The hirer(s) will be responsible for any damage or cost due to additional cleaning caused by unsociable pet behaviour. Please remember, extra cleaning holds our cleaners up and can cause delay to the start time of the next hirer(s).

• Pets must not be left alone in any of our pet friendly properties or on-board our fleet of cruisers at any time.

• Please ensure your pet housekeeping is maintained throughout the boat or pet friendly property. We ask you to treat our boat or pet friendly property like you would your home.

• Please make sure you clean up after your dog when out walking, bins are provided on-site. Please remember to bring poo bags during your stay.

• Please respect all guests (not everyone is pet friendly).

• Please respect all of our furniture and belongings.

• At the time of booking we may require details regarding pets breed and size. (Herbert Woods reserves the right to decline your booking if this information is not supplied or if this information is not correct upon check-in).

• In fairness, respect and loyalty to all hirers the maximum number of pets allowed are strictly two. This is regardless of weight and size.

• Please keep your pets out of the water especially whilst travelling. Should your pet accidentally go into the water please make sure they are dry before entering the boat or property. If on a cruiser your pet (Dog) must be wearing a lifejacket when on-deck.

Thank you from the Herbert Woods Team.

Please note: Herbert Woods reserves the right to charge an additional pet cleaning deposit should the boat/accommodation require extra cleaning due to our policy not being followed. Although all the boats are cleaned and maintained by Herbert Woods, you (hirer) are responsible for respecting the pet policy and maintaining the cleanliness of our cruiser or property. You will be held responsible for any damage caused.