Circular Walk around Martham Broad

This is a very simple walk around Martham Broad that is best done anti-clockwise direction and takes in some of the best views that Nature Reserve has to offer.

Martham Broad

This is a very simple walk that is best done anti-clockwise and takes in some of the best views that Martham Broad Nature Reserve has to offer. The reserve is largely closed off to the public but a footpath does cross its northern boundary with several opportunities to view the broad and its wildlife. The route follows about a mile of road to start with (and get the worst section over with quickly) and then joins a public footpath round the reserve. When walking past the reserve do take some time to look to the skies as Marsh Harriers are frequently seen in this area as well as other wading birds and waterfowl. Towards the end of the route you will pass West Somerton Drainage Mill which was built in 1900 and is in fairly good condition.

Somerton Staithe1) From Somerton Staithe (which offers free parking for a few cars and lots of free mooring space) you need to head onto the road and turn left. This is Horsey Road and you need to follow it North West for a little over 1.6Km (1 mile). After about a mile on the left you will see a stile and footpath post.

Martham Broad2) Turn left over the stile and follow the public footpath round to the South towards Martham Broad. Take care as there may be livestock in the area. After 1Km (0.6 mile) the path turns sharply to the left and meanders its way around the Northern edge of Martham Broad. On several occasions there are opportunities to view the Broad (but unfortunately no bird hides). After a further 900m you will arrive at West Somerton Drainage Mill, continue along the footpath sticking close to the river and you will follow Somerton Dyke back to the Staithe.

Route and photographs supplied by Joe Jackson.

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