Exploring the Broads with Discovery Hubs

The Norfolk Broads, a treasure trove of wildlife, serene landscapes, and rich history, now offers an even more enriching experience through the introduction of Broads Discovery Hubs. These hubs, strategically placed across key locations like Great Yarmouth, Beccles, and Salhouse, are designed to transform the way visitors explore the Broads, promoting a sustainable, car-free journey through this picturesque region.

Dive into the Heart of the Broads

Each Discovery Hub serves as a gateway to the unique offerings of the Broads. Whether you are keen on hiking, eager to cycle, or excited about a tranquil boat ride, these hubs provide the perfect starting point. Equipped with comprehensive information panels, the hubs detail the fascinating history, diverse wildlife, and stunning landscapes of the area, enriching your visit with valuable insights.

Sustainable Tourism at Its Best

The Broads Trust has meticulously designed these hubs to encourage eco-friendly tourism. By facilitating exploration on foot, by bike, or on water, the hubs help minimise the environmental footprint of tourism, preserving the natural beauty of the Broads for future generations. This initiative not only enhances visitor experience but also supports local businesses and promotes the region as one of the most sustainable tourist destinations in the UK.

A Hub of Activity and Relaxation

Beyond serving as information points, the Discovery Hubs are envisioned as vibrant community spaces where visitors can relax and soak in the serene atmosphere of the Broads. They also offer local businesses a unique platform to showcase their products and services, further integrating the local economy with tourism.

Join the Journey

The development of these hubs is an ongoing project, with plans to expand the network, linking more trails and waterways. The initiative is supported by local councils, charities, and businesses, who recognise the importance of preserving the Broads.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned explorer of the Broads, the new Discovery Hubs offer a fresh and sustainable way to rediscover the charm and beauty of this beloved region. So, grab your walking shoes, hop on a bike, or set sail to experience the Broads like never before.

For more information on the Discovery Hubs and how you can support or get involved, visit the official Broads Trust website.