Sunsets on the Norfolk Broads

With wide open skies and a flat landscapes, it’s no surprise you’ll find some of the most stunning sunsets in Norfolk (and sun-rises for that matter!). Early winter is most notable for sunsets, not necessarily that they are more stunning (although they do tend to be!) but they are earlier in the day with more spectators to watch the sky colours that rapidly change as the sun goes down.

Watch our time-lapse video taken on 31st October 2018 across part of the Herbert Woods marina.

Of course if you’re on a boating holiday it doesn’t matter whatever time sunset falls! You’ll catch the late summer sunsets where you’re often lucky enough to still be out on deck on warm night or even wrapped up and watching the sun go down with a hot chocolate in hand in winter!

How Hill on the River Ant in the Norfolk Broads is a particular idyllic spot for watching the sunset, in fact on every river on the Norfolk Broads you’ll find a windmill or windpump that always provides a stunning backdrop to any rise or setting of the sun.

Here at Herbert Woods, we’re thankful to so many customers who share their stunning pictures with us, and a sunrise or sunset on the Norfolk Broads, is a regular contender for our monthly #herbertwoodshols competition.

Take a look at some of our favourites.