Where to Moor

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Free Moorings

Broads Authority Free 24 hour Moorings

There are miles of free 24 hour moorings along the banks and rivers and the open Broads.


Herbert Woods cruisers are able to moor for free in any of the following Hire Boat Federation Boatyards.

Acle Bridge Craft

Brundall Broom Boats, Silverline Marine

Horning Ferry Marina

Loddon Maffett Cruisers, Pacific Cruisers

Reedham Sanderson Marine Craft

Stalham Moonfleet, Richardsons

Upton Eastwood Whelpton (no pump outs)

Wroxham & Hoveton Barnes Brinkcraft, Faircraft Loynes, Summercaft


Fee Payable Moorings

A mooring fee is payable at the following,

  • Acle Moorings
  • Port of Yarmouth Marina
  • Burgh Castle Marina
  • Horsey Mere, Oulton Broad
  • Salhouse Broad
  • Thurne
  • West Somerton
  • Norwich Yacht Station
  • Oulton Broad Yacht Station
  • Beccles Yacht Station
  • Great Yarmouth Yacht Station



A number of waterside pubs with moorings charge for their usage overnight. The amount is usually about £5 and in most cases redeemable against purchases in the pub. Please see your Privilege Card booklet for special offers on mooring for Herbert Woods customers.


Do Not Moor 

1. Where there are red markers – these indicate underwater obstructions.

2. In the New Cut between Reedham and St Olaves – there are dangerous stakes submerged at high water

3. To navigation posts or buoys except in an emergency – these are only for channel markings and not constructed to hold a boat.

4. To large wooden structures (dolphins) which are for use by ships.

5. Where notices forbid it.

6. Lower reaches of rivers, where the current is very strong and the rise and fall of the tide is very large.


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