Buyers Guide: Dog Life Jackets

We take a look at the things you need to consider when choosing a life jacket or buoyancy aid for your dog.

If your dog is an integral part of your family, you probably don’t want to leave them behind when you head of for an exciting boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads. With so many walking routes to explore, fields to run around in and people to sniff, the Broads are truly a dog’s paradise.


What is a dog life jacket?

A dog life jacket works in pretty much the same way a human life jacket does. Fitting snugly around your pooch’s body, it will help them to stay afloat if they fall into a river, lake or pond. Even though most dogs are good swimmers, hundreds still drown every year after getting into difficulty. A dog life jacket will help your dog to stay above water until help arrives.



When buying a dog life jacket, it’s incredibly important to find one that’s the perfect size for your four-legged friend. Most manufacturers produce canine life jackets in a variety of sizes so it should be easy to find a good fit. Measure your dog’s girth and torso to find the jacket that’s right for them. When it arrives, make sure they can sit, lie down and go to the toilet easily. If they don’t seem comfortable in the device, the shape or fit may be slightly incorrect so it’s worth trying another on for size.



You want to ensure that the life jacket you buy keeps your dog afloat as long as possible. Some dog life jackets have floatation pockets on the sides and under the belly to help the dog stay about water. Some also have pockets around the neck to make it easier for your pooch to keep their head out of the river or pond.



A bright, colourful life jacket will be easier to spot if your dog does go overboard. Most are available in bold colours, so make sure you choose an eye-catching yellow, red or orange to make your dog as visible as possible.



If you spot your dog going overboard, handles will help you haul them back into the boat. This could help to prevent any potentially dangerous situations and will help to keep your dog safe and sound.

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