An Anglers Paradise

The winter months leading up to the end of the course fishing season in mid-March are a great time for anglers on the Norfolk Broads as there are very few pleasure craft about and you can almost feel it is you own, personal fishing paradise – so we at Herbert Woods have something very special to offer!

We have three apartments in the famous Herbert Woods Tower in Potter Heigham. Each has a double and a twin bedroom, fully equipped kitchen and comes complete with Wi-Fi connectivity.

To make them even better for anglers each has a fishing dinghy with outboard motor included in the price. So there has never been a better time to pack your gear and head to Norfolk for some great fishing.

There are plenty of species waiting for you, and a few tips on how to catch them, including:

Bream – these are abundant in large shoals and tend to be nocturnal bottom feeders, but can be caught late, or early in the day and fish over 10lb are becoming more common. Best baits include, bread, casters, maggots, sweetcorn and worms.

Carp – a non-native species but was introduced from flooded fish farms and has been around since the 1970s, and can be found all over Broadland. Fish of over 30lb are frequently landed so you need robust tackle. Carp will eat most baits, with maize and sweetcorn working particularly well.

Perch – this species declined due to disease but is now making a comeback and this predator is again being caught all over the Broads. Although most landed will be under 1lb, some 3lb+ monsters have been caught. Perch love to hide up under low hanging trees and best baits include worms, maggots and small lures.

Pike – this large freshwater predator can grow to over 40lb, is found across Broadland and is at the very top of the food chain. Because of their size they require specialised fishing gear and are best tackled by experienced anglers. Baits include small freshwater or saltwater fish and artificial lures.

Roach – very common throughout the Broads and the first fish many a young angler has caught. It is a shoal fish which feeds on the bottom and best caught early or late on in the day as they tend to congregate in boat yards. Rarely grow to more than 1lb, with best baits including bread, maggots, sweetcorn and hemp.

Rudd – the Broads are the most likely place in the country to catch one of these fish, with Hickling Broad being the undoubted hot spot where specimens over 2lb have been landed. Can be caught on the surface or the bottom and tend to be always on the move. Best baits: bread flake, crust or maggots.

Tench – mainly caught in the summer months this can be a hard fighting fish capable of growing up to 6lb. A bottom feeder, often found close to lilies with best baits including bread, maggots, casters, sweetcorn and hemp.

Herbert Woods cottages and apartments are perfect for your next fishing holiday. Contact us on 0800 144 4472 for more information and to book.

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Happy fishing!