Covid 19 Secure – What we are doing

What are we doing to protect you?

We are making changes to the way we work to keep you safe.  For all businesses that are now beginning to operate again the Government has launched guidance called Covid-19 Secure.  Our aim is to go above and beyond this guidance to keep you and your families safe.

Covid-19 Secure means we should;

  1. 1. Carry out a risk assessment of all activities and locations
    2. Ensure cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures are in place
    3. Have taken steps to help people work from home
    4. Have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance from each other
    5. Where people cannot be 2m apart we have taken steps to manage the transmission of infection.

What have Herbert Woods done?

1. We have risk assessed all areas of our Marina and work processes.
2. We have increased the availability of handwashing and hand sanitising facilities at the Marina
3. We have purchased six new fogging machines which will be used alongside our normal cleaning methods to sterilise day boats, picnic boats, cruisers and cottages and apartments.
4. We have improved signage and information across the Marina clearly informing customers of safe distances and hygiene practices
5. We have communicated and trained staff on hygiene and new work processes
6. We have made it possible for staff to work from home where possible
7. We have made face coverings, gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser available to all staff.
8. We have changed our procedures on handovers to help with social distancing.
9. We have a new window counter service and closed our reception office to prevent grouping
10. We are continuing to invest in new technologies to help minimise person-to-person contact.

What changes will I notice when I arrive?

Our indoor reception has closed, so when you arrive to hire a day boat, picnic boat or check-in for your cruiser or cottage you will need to come to our new window counter.  Here you will be able to arrange your day hire, make a contactless payment where possible, or pick up your sterilised holiday welcome pack and we will answer any questions you have. Anything you are passed through the window will have been disinfected before and after use, additionally our window staff will have access to face coverings, hand sanitiser and gloves.

There will be much more signage on the boatyard and floor markings instructing you to stay safe distances.  There will be hand sanitiser available to use, and wherever possible all interaction with our staff will take place outside and at safe distances, where this is not possible staff will have access to face coverings, gloves and protective equipment.

All staff will have received training on Covid-19 Secure and their responsibilities, and we are actively promoting and encouraging safe distancing, handwashing and hygiene across the Marina.

I’m hiring a boat for the day, what should I expect?

Once you have been to our reception window and arranged your hire, you will be sent to the day boat area, where you will pick up your pre-sterilised life jackets and be instructed from a safe distance about how to use these. All instruction will take place outside in the open air.

Before you arrive, your boat will have been cleaned / sanitised throughout.  We have also purchased brand new fogging machines which will be used  prior to boarding to further disinfect all areas of the boat.   This process will be repeated after each and every use and at the end of each day. For more information about how our cleaning team work visit our blog.

Your boat will be moored in order to allow easy access, please look after others in your family group and help them to board as our team are unable to assist hirers onto the boat. A member of our team will then instruct you on how to operate the boat from a safe distance.  If for any reason they need to come within a 2m distance they will be wearing appropriate face coverings and protective equipment in order to keep you and them safe.

When you return please return your lifejackets to the collection point.  You are politely asked to take all your belongings and litter with you, and you do not need to let anyone know you are back and are welcome to leave the Marina.

I’m coming for a holiday on a cruiser or in a cottage/apartment, what should I expect?

Before you arrive, your cruiser or cottage will have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised  throughout, and all areas will have been sterilised with detergent. All kitchen utensils and crockery will have been cleaned. We have purchased brand new fogging machines which will be used on your cruiser prior to boarding to further sterilise all areas of the boat.   This process will be repeated after each and every hire.  Our cleaning team have been given full training on covid-19 secure guidelines and will have access to appropriate personal protective equipment. For more information about how our cleaning team work visit our blog.

Once you arrive, the lead hirer should come to the window counter and you will be given your welcome pack, told where to park and asked to display your parking permit and given your return time and date. You and one crew member will be asked to go to A-section, where you will pick up your pre-sterilised life jackets and be instructed from a safe distance about how to use them. All instruction will take place outside in the open air. You will be shown how to safely put on and remove your life jacket, please listen carefully as you will be responsible for sharing this information with other members of your crew. You will then be shown to your cruiser where you will be given instruction and a trial run on the river.  The trial run will only be undertaken with 2 people from each party.

Please bring face coverings with you for use during the trial run. We will provide as much ventilation as possible during the trial run. Following your trial run you will return to the boatyard, and you are welcome to depart on your journey on the river.

What do I do when I return?

All you need to do is leave your keys on board and return your life jackets to A-Section. Ensure all your refuse /rubbish / waste is removed from the cruiser.  Please leave your cruiser as clean as reasonably possible. Ensure you take all your belongings before leaving the cruiser, we may not be able to return any left items. Once packed we kindly ask that you make your way from the cruiser directly to your cars and you are welcome to leave the Marina. We will contact you by phone after your departure. We will calculate your fuel usage and confirm any refund or excess payment with you via telephone. If you have paid a security deposit this will be processed within 7 days after the holiday return date.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us by phone, email or live chat. However, please be patient as we are experiencing high volume of calls.

For more information on the latest Coronavirus news please see out dedicated page. Click Here