Family Holidays on the Norfolk Broads

A family holiday on the Norfolk Broads is an experience you will likely remember for a lifetime. There’s loads of fun and excitement for everyone, and with pet friendly holidays available, bring your beloved pets too!

The Broads has been an iconic family holiday spot for decades. The mesmerising natural beauty, unique network of navigable rivers and lakes meeting the Norfolk coast, and the diverse landscape – all collectively come together to offer the perfect backdrop for a much needed family holiday.

What can you do along your route on the Norfolk Broads? 

The Norfolk Broads has three visitor centres where friendly and courteous staff ensure that you get the most out of your visit. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with the local surroundings and get some tips on what to do and the places to visit along the Broads route.

These centres can be found at Hoveton, Ranworth and How Hill, allowing you to get gifts, postcards, maps and books. However, the vast majority of British families and tourists come here for one thing: the water and rivers! There’s lots of water here at the Broads and that happens to be the main attraction.

The Broads has the most peaceful and family-friendly atmosphere you can imagine, not to mention the stunning scenery, sprawling landscapes, diverse wildlife and cultural heritage. No wonder people have been flocking to this fascinating family holiday spot since the 19th century!

The scenic day trip destinations, nature reserves, quaint towns and villages, and gardens, are all waiting to be explored, although these ‘beauty spots’ are best explored from the water. Not to mention the countless pubs and restaurants along the way, offering some of Norfolk’s finest food & drink.

So if you’re planning to visit the Broads this year, make it a boating holiday, as that’s hands down the best way to explore the network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes across Norfolk and Suffolk.

Why not step off your boat and into the wild? Explore the vast beautiful countryside that surrounds the Broads with over 190 miles of footpaths. You could put on your hiking shoes or get on two wheels and cycle in the sunshine.

Most families come to the Broads to explore the dream-like waterways on a luxury cruiser or day hire boat; to discover the wonderful and colourful wildlife, visit one of the many NWT reserves, or just to meander alongside the lovely riverside towns and villages.

However, the adventure parks, museums and other attractions aside, the water is where you want to explore the Norfolk Broads from, surrounded by your loved ones and your pets, making every minute count!

If you become a Herbert Woods family holiday customer, you’ll receive a Privilege Card when you arrive – this entitles you to exclusive offers and discounts as you visit the different attractions around the Broads. It will even make your boating holiday all the more exciting.

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