This page will provide you with all the information you need to skipper your Broads cruiser! If you have questions about anything in this guide then please contact a member of the Marina staff who will be able to help you. 

General information can be found using the links on the right hand side of this page, more specific information about your cruiser can be found by using the navigation functions below:

Weymouth Light Skippers Information

Weymouth Light – 835B

Length: 34ft (10.36m) Width: 12ft (3.66m)

Cabins: 2 Bathrooms: 2

Bridge Clearance: 6 ft 10 ins. Will pass under Ludham, Wayford and Wroxham bridges subject to weather and tide conditions. Will only pass under Beccles Old and Potter Heigham bridges at extreme low tide (Bridge pilot service must be used when passing under Wroxham & Potter Heigham bridges).

Use the toggles to show the information about your boat

If there are channel markers, stay within the marked channel. In the Broads, markers are usually posts or buoys. Some broads have channels marked across them. Stay clear of all channel markers and don’t tie up to them. Unless signs indicate otherwise, keep to the right of the channel.

  • You should pass red markers on your right
  • You should pass green markers on your left
  • Isolated yellow markers indicate a hazard.
  • A yellow and black marker shows where a river or channel splits in two directions. Pass either side of the marker but don’t cut behind it.

Engine Oil Level

Top up as required from spare oil on board.

Engine Coolant

Top up with fresh water from the tap. (DO NOT REMOVE PRESSURE CAP WHEN THE ENGINE IS HOT)


You will leave the boatyard with a full tank of fuel, normally enough for a two-week cruise. The value of any unused fuel from your fuel deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your holiday.

In the event that a re-fuel is necessary proceed to the nearest boat yard for assistance.  Please make sure that fuel is put in the fuel tank, not the freshwater tank.  Similarly, ensure that water is not accidentally put in the fuel tank.  All deck fittings are clearly labelled.

Oil Pressure

If a gauge is fitted, and your oil pressure shows ‘zero’ at normal cruising speed, stop immediately and check your oil level.  If the dipstick level is okay and the gauge still reads ‘zero’ seek assistance from the boatyard.  Many boats have an alarm/warning light, which may come on when the engine is being started.  This should stop once it is running, if not, stop the engine and contact the boatyard.

Cooling System

Most engines are water cooled by a pump, which draws water from the river, circulates it through the engine and then discharges it through the exhaust.  Having started the engine, and periodically when cruising, check that water is being ejected from the exhaust.  If not, stop immediately as the engine may overheat and possibly seize.  If no water is being ejected, check the weed strainer on the cooling water inlet which can get blocked.  You will be advised of the best procedure for cleaning the filter on your handover.

Clearing your propeller

Occasionally weed may collect around the propeller, slowing the boat. To clear it, put the gear lever into neutral, then into reverse for a few seconds and then ahead for a few seconds.  Repeat this several times. If this fails, call the boatyard for advice or assistance.   If something more substantial, such as a mooring rope, has become wrapped around the propeller, call the boatyard for assistance.  Do not attempt to continue as this can result in serious damage to the engine. NEVER enter the water yourself in an attempt to clear any obstruction.

This video will show you how to effectively moor your boat. Make sure to take care and always wear your lifejacket

This video will show you how to effectively Navigate Bridges. Make sure to take care and always wear your lifejacket. To see a list of bridges your boat can go through, please check the “What bridges can I go under” tab.

You can have your boat pumped out at the following locations. We do recommend calling ahead to check availability and confirm opening times.

Ludham  –  Ludham Bridge Boat Yard – 01692 631011

Potter Heigham  –  Herbert Woods – 01692 672000

Wroxham  –  Barnes Brinkcraft – 01603 782625

Wroxham  –  Norfolk Broads Direct – 01603 782207

Stalham  –  Simpsons Boat Yard – 01692 580288

This video will show you how to safely cross Breydon Water. Make sure to take care and always wear your lifejacket.

Bridges Heights Headroom (at bridge centre) are taken at an average water point

Your Boat’s Bridge Clearance is listed in the Boat Information tab

Acle – 3.66m

Beccles Road Old – 1.98m

Beccles Bypass New – 3.66m

Breydon Fixed Span – 3.96m

Breydon Road Lifting – 3.51m

Haddiscoe New Cut – 7.32m

Norwich Jarrolds Bridge – 3.63m

Norwich Lady Julian – 3.96m

Lowestoft Harbour – 2.16m

Ludham – 2.59m

Norwich Carrow – 4.27m

Norwich Foundry – 3.05m

Norwich Novi Sad – 4.88m

Norwich Trowse – 2.74m

Norwich Bishop’s Bridge – 3.2m

Postwick Viaduct – 10.67m

Potter Heigham New – 2.31m

Potter Heigham Old – 1.98m

Oulton Broad, Lake Lothing – 4.57m

Oulton Broad Mutford – 2.39m

Reedham – 3.05m

St Olaves – 2.44m

Somerleyton – 2.59m

Thorpe Rail (each) – 1.83m

Wayford – 2.13m

Wroxham Rail – 4.57m

Wroxham Road – 2.21m

Yarmouth Haven – 2.90m

Yarmouth Acle Road – 2.13m

Yarmouth Vauxhall – 2.06m

The following video will explain how to navigate the bridges on the Broads

In the event of a incident such mechanical failure, running aground or collision then please call the marina using the dedicated 24hour number on 01692 672 000

Things to remember: 

  • Never allow anyone to do repairs or tow the boat without Herbert Woods permission.
  • An engineer may need to attend the boat so please provide a what3words reference (you can do this with the Aweigh app).
  • Remember the safety of your crew is most important.
  • If there is a serious emergency call 999 as you would in a car or at home.
  • If you have any questions you can ask a member of the Marina staff, a navigation ranger or a member of Broads Beat

360 Tour – You can use this resource to look around the inside of the boat.